My life has really changed (6)

I spent a lot of time being really disappointed and depressed after learning I would need a 2nd surgery. Work was ok with another leave, which was super helpful. In fact, they told me to make sure I took all the time off I needed to and not to come back until I was better. I really appreciate this, but what I could never get across to them that I didn’t come back too early the first time and I really don’t know when I would be fully healed. I’ve read stories of people who continue to struggle with recovery for years. What a bummer. At least I was sleeping better again. lol

Eventually I made it to March 11th and we drove down to San Diego Kaiser again. With the first surgery still fresh in my mind, I was ready for all the pre-op stuff and that went pretty well. I got all hooked up and the doctors came by. Turns out the surgery would be around 2 and a half hours I think. After waiting around for a while I got wheeled into the OR again and they put the mask on me and I was out.

I woke up in recovery and that wasn’t too bad. I know my head hurt, obviously. They moved me to ICU shortly after, as I was doing pretty good. I wasn’t overheating and my vitals were good. That was great to know. Every time the nurse would come in she would tell me right away that my blood pressure and heartbeat were doing great. I got morphine every couple hours and could feel it move through my upper body after it was injected. So weird. No hallucinations though! I spent the night in there and in the morning they informed me I could go home shortly. I think I slept a little bit, but not much. Didn’t feel as bad as the first recovery though. Didn’t have to get a MRI either. Score.

I did some walks around the hallway in the morning and that went well. No bleeding. I did still have my head bandage on. I forgot to mention that before. The Doc took my head bandage off before I left the hospital the first surgery. This time they wanted to keep it on me for a week. I hated that thing. The doc even told us that I was trying to take it off before I even got to recovery. lol. I ate some breakfast in the late morning and actually ate a lot. I ended up throwing up later though. That kind of freaked me out, as I didn’t do that after the first surgery and I didn’t want to disturb my incision by opening my mouth to puke. Oh well, couldn’t help it. Luckily I felt fine after that. Soon after that, I was cleared to leave. Awesome.

Just like the first surgery, we went to the same hotel after being discharged and spent the night there. I remember we watched a lot of Family Feud for some reason. My body was doing much better this time probably since they didn’t have to fool around inside my head and I wasn’t knocked out for 12 hours. We went home the next day and it was pretty uneventful.

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