My life has really changed (5)

So I made it back to work and was recovering very well. Everybody there was really happy for me and I was happy to get back to my life. Things really started to go well. I quickly remembered how fun it was getting up at 5AM everyday. lol. My hair was getting long at this point. I was in no rush to get a haircut. Cutting instruments near my head did not sound like a good time. Finally one day a month later my boss mentioned my hair, so I knew I better get it cut.

I think it was around February 4th that I got my haircut. This was a big milestone for me to get through. I was nervous as heck, but I pushed ahead and did it. Things went uneventful which is exactly what I wanted. I looked much better and I felt good! That didn’t last long though. I don’t know what happened but over the weekend my incision area just grew and grew. It puffed up pretty big, much bigger than it did back in January. Shit. I didn’t know what was going on. I went into work Monday and everybody was like, “what happened to your head? That doesn’t look good. You should go to the doctor. Did you come back to work too soon?” I emailed my doctor and told him it was swelling a lot and I’d like to come see him. I was pretty nervous about it, because it usually took a while to see him. Luckily, he had a spot the next day.

I drove down to San Diego the next day to have him check it out. The doctor said it looked like a CSF leak, but luckily it wasn’t coming out of my nose or anything. The incision was already healed, so it wasn’t coming out of there either. When you get a leak like that it puts you at risk for bacterial meningitis, DO NOT WANT. I just couldn’t believe it. 2 months post-op and boom out of nowhere my head starts swelling up like a water balloon. The doctor gave me some medicine that I would take for a month. This worked to reduce pressure and or CSF production so that my head would drain that built up fluid. If it didnt work, it would be another surgery. Shit.

From that point it was a major blow to my outlook and optimism. I just could not believe it. I tried so hard to do all the right things and then I get jacked. So I started taking the medicine twice a day as prescribed. Days went by and I couldn’t see any improvement. My left side of my head just got bigger and bigger. It looked insane. It didn’t hurt, but was very uncomfortable. I wasn’t sure if it would just pop one of the days. I was getting more and more bummed out. I think after 2 or 3 weeks I contacted my neurologist again and told him the medicine wasn’t helping and it was just getting worse. That lead to only one option, a second surgery. Unreal. I’d have to relive another surgery and another recovery which i wasn’t even sure I could handle, but I didn’t really have an option.

I ended up scheduling a new surgery to fix the fat graft in my head for March 11th, almost 3 months to do the day from my first surgery. This one would be much easier though. The operation would only take an hour or two and I would only have to spend one night in the hospital and then I could go back to work after 2 weeks. Sounded great but my trust was pretty non existent at that point. Oh well, no option. Surgery it was.

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