My life has really changed (3)

Surgery and hospital stay was complete.

I was out of there with tumor gone, facial nerve intact and working well, and just amazed, thankful, exhausted, scared, tired, sore, happy, nervous, everything.

After being released Friday late morning-ish, Mary and I went to a hotel near the hospital to spend the rest of Friday and Saturday. I was walking with a walker and just very slow and cautious. We got a disabled person room, which was nice. I didn’t do much of anything there. Spent a lot of time in bed just laying there. I did some of the rehab exercises that they wanted me to do. It was a lot of holding onto a wall and just shuffling side to side or trying to walk short distances in a straight line. I think I took a shower to clean off my body. There were some visitors that came too. My sisters in law and brother in law and his girlfriend.

We ate some food downstairs one time and I remember there was a fish statue on the wall that I kept seeing move. I guess there was still some drugs in me. haha. I still couldnt eat much and couldnt open my mouth very much anyways. Yogurt was a good treat! I really don’t think we did much else at the hotel. I tried to sleep. I think I got a little sleep in. It seemed like I would wake up with a loud “explosion” like sound everytime I fell asleep. That sucked and I’m glad it didnt happen for much longer. I remember being in some kind of Christmas Town at some point. Not sure if I was awake or sleeping.

Note: I feel like my memory is b ad now, so that’s why I say I “think” a lot in this story.

We were supposed to go home Saturday, but I decided I wasn’t ready so we stayed until Sunday.I think this was more of the same, not doing much of anything and just laying around and learning to walk around again.

We ended up going home Sunday and I remember the car trip being kind of hard for me. I think i closed my eyes a lot of the time. I had to ask Mary to drive very carefully because sudden movements and bumps really bothered me. my head/neck area was still very sensitive. Oh yeah, I had to pee in a bottle at one point and thankfully I took the pee jug from the hospital. I knew it would come in handy.

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2 Responses to My life has really changed (3)

  1. Happy to hear your doing better BH!

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