My life has really changed (2)

Perhaps you have made it to this post after reading the first one.

December 9th came and Mary and I went down to San Diego to meet with the doctors one last time before surgery. I guess at that point there wasn’t much left to do. Oh, my pulse and blood pressure were high, which made sense to me. I had a brain tumor and was about to have surgery. Lol.

December 10th came around and my surgery would happen in the early afternoon. I went into pre-op around noon I think. Got all changed into my hospital clothes, got all hooked up to stuff, etc. I remember asking them if they could slip me something to chill me out and they said NO, doctor doesn’t want that in the body. Ok great. Sounds perfect. I got all the heart rate stuff hooked up and the IV done. Various nurses and doctors came by to say hi before the big show. I started to feel better actually, so that was nice. Then they wheeled me away to the operating room.

I remember being cool once I got in there, so maybe there was something in the IV that helped. I don’t know. I remember the mask going on and then I was out. The operation was scheduled to be 6 to 8 hours, so I should be done around 9PM I think.

I hardly remember waking up in the recovery room but I think I was super hot and my head hurt like hell. Mary and her mom were in there and I remember her mom kept talking to me but on my deaf side and I couldnt hear her. lol. As it turns out, the surgery took 12 hours. I can’t believe it. I feel bad for those that were waiting for me. The rest of recovery or ICU was blurry. I don’t remember too much. The main thing was being hot as heck and my vitals were jacked up super high.

I think it was in ICU that I kind of remember some stuff. I know I had a catheter in because I kept feeling like I was peeing sort of. My blood pressure and heart rate were really high. I don’t know numbers but I just remember the machine I was hooked up to kept beeping an alarm all the time and the nurse would come in and say my vitals were high. This seemed to happen all night. I was a wreck. I couldn’t sleep at all. I was freaked out, etc. A couple times I hear CODE BLUE over the speakers which is a bad thing and I had no idea if it was me or what. That was a nightmare. At some point they took the catheter out. Cool. I ended up getting transferred to a regular room sometime in the morning.

The regular room was much better for me. It was a lot more quiet and comfortable. Moving wasn’t very easy, as you may imagine. My neck/head area was very sensitive to any movement, so I did my best to stay still. I didn’t eat much in here, but I drank a ton of water. I felt like I was always thirsty. It was also in here that I had more visitors. That was nice to have, even though I couldn’t do much. I couldnt really sleep, so it was nice to have people around. Mary was with me nearly the whole time, which is probably one of the only reasons I survived.

So, this is December 11th now. I think I spent the whole day in there and didn’t do much. I know I still had high vitals. They even brought some younger type doctor or nurse guy in to talk to me and see if I needed some help or something. He was wearing a Santa hat. I didn’t have much to say except I dont like being at hospitals at all and I certainly don’t like having surgery and stuff like that. It was also in this room that I remember seeing stuff on the wall move. I guess this was because of the morphine. I tried to just keep it to myself. I was kind of freaked out.

I think they wanted me to get a MRI that night but I wasn’t sure I could do it. Didn’t think I could stay still for a half hour or however long it takes. They finally convinced me to go so I went down there (in a wheelchair). I had to wait for the person ahead of me to finish up and I got more and more freaked out. The tech got the machine prepared for me and started to take me to it when I had to stop him and say I couldnt do it. I think he was mad. Woops, sorry. I felt like I got left down on that floor for a long time… don’t know where my nurse was. It was a bummer. I was by myself in a hallway and the ground was moving thanks to the morphine. Finally the tech took me up after I waited for probably a half hour.

Another night was spent in there and I don’t think I really slept. After being poked with needles all day and having people tell me my vitals were high, my stress was through the roof. I do remember I got up one time in the middle of the night to poop, but then I didn’t once I got in the bathroom. lol.

I think it was the next morning that they wanted me to get a MRI again. I NEEDED one before I left, so I ended up doing it. I think they gave me some anxiety medicine that time though. I don’t think it helped too much, the MRI was HORRIBLE. The techs were idiots. Moving was not something I could do very easy, but I had to basically boost myself up to get on the table. That pissed me off a lot. It wasn’t easy to do and put unnecessary strain on my body. Once I got settled, which was another pain, the tech came in and told me I had to go into the other machine for some reason. I think I just about exploded. All the work to get on the table was pointless, I had to get off the table now, then repeat the whole process again. So, if you have not had a MRI on your head, basically you lay perfectly still for about a half hour on your back in a small tube and extremely loud noise surrounds you. Sounds like you are in a giant fax machine or dubstep song or something. You have to wear ear plugs its so loud. I had a towel over my face so I hopefully wouldn’t freak out in there if I opened my eyes. As it turns out, I think the morphine messed with me. I thought for sure I saw shadows of people looking at me through the towel. This really sucked but I had to do my best to stay still or else I would have to do it again. I eventually made it through, somehow.

Back to my room again and I was happy because my doctors came by and said I could leave that day. They also told me that the success of the surgery was like hitting a grand slam in a world series to win the game. They got the whole tumor out, somehow my facial nerve didn’t get damaged (They told me before the surgery I could bet on having facial paralysis. The facial nerve is right next to the hearing nerve.) and I was doing great. They even took a photo of me smiling to prove to colleagues that my whole face worked. It was unreal.

After all that I had to do a little physical therapy. They gave me a walker and I had to go around the floor a little bit. That was really tough, but I managed. When I laid back on my bed I felt my incision area drip something. Reached back and it was blood. Shit. I guess it wasn’t much of anything. They taped it up and I guess all was well. Eventually I was cleared to leave so I put clothes on and I was out of there.

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