So, here is the deal.


All the gold stickers I made are now GONE.


I madea new batch of them though, but in GREEN instead of gold.


so let me know!

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17 Responses to Stickers

  1. Jase says:

    I am down, I shall send you an email! 🙂

  2. royboysays says:

    what kindof green? reflective?

  3. shayan says:

    hey brian
    guess what…

  4. dylan says:

    You should give me one!

  5. royboysays says:

    Thanks for the stickers BH!

  6. Brad says:

    What email addy do I get you on?

  7. Eric Roybal says:

    errrr, is this a Silvia thing? I wanna slap a red one on my hachiroku, i’d like to order if possible, but need info please

  8. AlexR says:

    you need to hurry up and sell more stickers bh so you can build another rad chariot

  9. George K. says:

    I want a couple, please

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