Daras Dot Dot Dot

it’s the music from Terminator 2.  Get it?


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11 Responses to Daras Dot Dot Dot

  1. POWER MOVE! says:

    post more pics from when car was grey

  2. Damon says:

    I lol’d at Terminator music.

    Is that the CUSCO padding? maybe I will put some just at the top like that. Save some skulls and whatnot.

    • bhworld says:

      Thanks Damon. It makes sense!! I was hoping somebody would get it.

      Yes it’s Cusco padding. Love it. Low profile, good feeling to it. JDM points, etc.
      I even had the Cusco tape that they sell to go with the padding.

      • Damon says:

        Excellent, thank you sir. I didn’t really want to pad it at all, but I think that area might be a good idea. I like my wife’s noggin in one piece. And I suppose mine as well.

        JDM points are always good!

  3. BH storlek says:

    Very nice pictures!

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