Check it out. Sunday night, brothers.

Sure, I’ll build a SR parts collection and then never buy a SR.

I used to go to this place and buy tires off a Formula D pro drifter for cheap. lol

I’m pretty sure I am flipping off Jack because he spun out. lol

More SR parts that I never used.

Ok, maybe this post should have been called “here are tons of parts I never used. end quote

Here is Jack’s car before he even took it out to the public. cool.

Shifter Extension. King of dope. However, I didn’t use a curved one, so I don’t know why I had this. I think it was for Team Ryan, maybe.

In 2004 Lindsay just painted his car and drove it to D1 and some dude hit it in the parking lot. lol

I don’t remember how or why I was on the t rack for this, but it was cool.

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10 Responses to Check it out. Sunday night, brothers.

  1. Wolfie says:

    On the black Zenki, what wheels are on the front?? I like them

  2. Jase says:

    More of Jacks car, please.

  3. s0apgun says:

    Need that shifter extension.

  4. Jase says:

    I am amazed buy the Exhaust on Jack’s car. Any idea on it?

  5. Ryan says:

    That shifter extension was the best ever. I got another one for my new shell real fast.

    Team Ryan.

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