They are DONE!

Ok dudes and Germs.

I have 6 BH World oil caps finished. hand painted by me, so don’t bitch about it.

Gunmetal back with red writing.

I only have Nissan right now.

They gonna be $10 plus $5 to ship.

No biggie. That’s like 2 combo meals fron taco bell.  Come On!

5 left!



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6 Responses to They are DONE!

  1. mikeyee says:

    can i preorder for a toyota one? where do i send my money to

    • bhworld says:

      Ummm I’d rather have you send it after I make them.
      I’ll probably have some ready by Monday. No biggie.

      email me, brianjharte AT

  2. Lorenzo says:

    My stock KA need one.

  3. Shane says:

    I’ll snatch one up when I’m not on my phone and can paypal ya sir!

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