The Nellis show was pretty bitchin!

Went up to Vegas this weekend to hit up the Nellis Air Force Base show and do a small bit of gambling too. Drove up in my new car and it was just dandy. No problems at all and pretty comfortable.

A giant C-5 greets you at the entrace of the base/show.

And here is a J-STARS bird. This one was roped off and there were rifle toting guards.

They had a “Doolittle Raid” demo with a pair of B-25s.

And here is the first in a row of cool things. F-15

A Raptor. I like these more and more each time I see them.

This badboy A-10

And then a Strike Eagle F-15 mounted up with all sorts of crap.

and a Viper to round out the bunch.

Of course they had a Predator there too for the UAV section.

and a Reaper too

Next up was the Aggressor area with a F-15 and F-16. Pretty cool, the F-15 moreso.

They flew some old fighters too.


and a couple P-51s

Here is a MARINES Prowler, EA-6B

At the very end of the show grounds was a big fat BUFF B-52

They also did a Heritage flight of P-51, F-86, F-4, and F-22

So, that’s all I’ll post for now. If you want to see anything else, let me know and I’ll put up some more.

And finally,  the last one I’ll post for tonight. This was not from the air show, but something I was able to take from our hotel window. This is at the airport in town (Vegas, duh).

Anybody know the significance of this plane and what it’s for? I’m curious to see if anybody is nerdy enough to know why I snapped pictures of this thing.  🙂

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7 Responses to The Nellis show was pretty bitchin!

  1. Mattyboi says:

    Isnt that a “janet” flight plane, to get the staff to area 51?

  2. Dang, that is pretty cool. So people take that to get to Area 51?

    I was researching some air show crashes the other day… my brother and I were bored and were sending each other crazy pics. That 2002 (I think) Ukranian air show disaster was crazy. I didn’t watch the video, it freaked me out too much haha. Pretty nuts.

    • bhworld says:

      Yeah I thought it was cool too. Yes, the area at Groom Lake as well as the other Test Range in the area.

      I’ll have to Google that. I’m not sure what you are talkin about!

    • bhworld says:

      oh nasty. That’s a tragedy. I know that they don’t fly over the crowd at the shows here when they do any of the “fancy moves”. They pretty much don’t fly over the crowd at all actually.

      • Damon says:

        That’s good to hear. I haven’t been to an air show since I was really little. But yeah, pretty terrible for sure. Crazy that the pilots got out at the very end…

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