Miramar Airshow

The show was cool. Got to see F-22, F-16, Hornet/Super Hornet demos. Good stuff. F-4U Corsair too.

Radiator decided to kill itself on the drive home, so my car is down an out an hour and a half away. Got to figure out how to pick it up Monday….

Global Hawk. Might just be a mock up though. Not sure.

Crazy digital camo Super Hornet. Pretty ugly I’d say.

Shit ton of Hornets.

C-130 doing some flying. I read a story this morning that a refueling hose fell off one of the C-130s (maybe this one?) and landed on a roof of a local house. Uh oh. They DID do a refueling demo though, which was cool. C-130 with a pair of Hornets and pair of Harriers getting some gas.

F-22. Finally got to see the demo after multiple air shows  in the last year. Pretty cool.

Harrier doing a STOVL demo.

Viper getting ready to go do a demo. Pretty good show, but I liked the demo at the Edwards show better.

Hornet guy coming in after a “bombing” run out in the field. Tons of vapor off these guys, which was cool.

Totally bitchin Corsair. Flew a heritage flight with a Super Hornet after this. Neat-o.

And here comes the Rhino ready to do some demo business.

Quite an expensive plane.

And here is a Reaper. Seems much cooler than the Predator.

F-22, P-51, and F-16 flying some formation passes.

F-16 Aggressor. Heard some guy talking about this “Mig”.  “It’s got the MIG front end.”

Good show out there. Looking forward to the Nellis show next month. Never been there, so it should be a cool weekend.

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4 Responses to Miramar Airshow

  1. Logan says:

    My real life braddah went to the show as well

    I wouldve gone but had to work 😦

  2. What radiator died? New/Old nissan?

    • bhworld says:

      My J30, the daily car. So, now I have 0 cars.
      J30 blew the headgasket because of the radiator and thermostat that was stuck closed.


  3. Teddy says:

    Sick-ass Google Chrome umbrella.

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