Tomcatters Tomcats

Finished up these 2 guys (and got a cruise patch), so here ya go.

1:144 scale.

and here are my 3 tomcats so far

2 from the Tomcatters and 1 from the Jolly Rogers.

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5 Responses to Tomcatters Tomcats

  1. Dom says:


  2. Drama says:

    Nice, man. I’ve been a fan of Jolly Rogers for years! ha. I’d like to see you do one of the Ghostriders, too 🙂

    • bhworld says:

      That Jolly Rogers one came with a Jolly Rogers Super Hornet too, but I don’t remember if I posted any pictures of it.

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Gjostriders model kit. I’ll look around though.

      Something like this?

      • Drama says:

        Nice. I kind of got mad when the Super Hornet replaced the F-14’s ha. I didn’t like em for a looong time.

        Yea they have some but I don’t think they’re the smaller models. I have a Ghostrider model kit, and a Jolly Rogers one I believe. I forgot the scale size but I never opened the jolly rogers one and the Ghostriders one, I’ve been having problems building it for like 3 years then I just gave up on it lol.

        Yea thats the one.

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