Point Mugu Airshow!

I went to an airshow this Saturday. Pretty cool, as they haven’t had this one in 3 years I believe. It was pretty cloudy for most of the day, but in the afternoon it started to clear up, which was GREAT. They don’t like to fly the planes too much in bad weather.

This was the first thing that we saw after going in. E/A-18G Growler. basically an electronic warefare version of the Super Hornet.

Then we had a trio of Vipers

Then there was a door with a bunch of squadron stickers.

There were two A-10s there. Later on a demo was scheduled for the A-10 team.

Then I went to a CF-18 to sit in it. Cool.

Uh oh, how close was I?

And here is an E-2 all folded up.

B-25 nose guns. Must have been a crazy job!

and another WW2 bird. The P-51 Mustang.

And then near the Growler was this Prowler. The Growler is replacing the Prowler, FYI.

A predator with hellfire missiles was there

A-10 started getting ready

Oh yeah, there was also a cool “mock” dogfight between an original Zero and a Hellcat

And then a cool C-17 demo happened. I’m still amazed how that fat pig can handle.

Oh now what the heck

A-10 in town

There was also a F-18 demo, but I didn’t shoot anything of it. I just wanted to watch all of it. Good vapor off of it, so it was real cool!

Then after the show ended I drove towards home and remembered that the Ronald Reagan Library had a F-14. So I went and checked it out. Black Aces!

Cool Saturday!

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11 Responses to Point Mugu Airshow!

  1. What’s the deal with the big explosion looking thing?

  2. sosideways says:

    I still maintain the aircrafts made from the 70s till the 90s were the best looking ones, although the F-18s were starting to slip downhill.

    F-14 > F-16 > F-15 > F-18 > F-22.

    • Brian Harte says:

      I was wearing a Tomcat shirt during that day. AT one point I went to sit in a CF-18 and the pilot was like, “Hey man I shouldn’t even let you in here since you’re wearing that F-14 shirt”. We laughed.

      If I had to use your plane list I would do this

      F-14 > F-18 > F-15 > F-22 > F-16

      • Dom says:

        i’m a fan of your list. we’ve probably talked about this before, but you’ve seen the movie ‘Memphis Belle’ right? Love it.

  3. nathan ong says:

    these are the coolest posts! brings back such good child hood memories of when i wanted to be a fighter pilot!

  4. Brian Harte says:

    DOM – I’ve seen the movie, but not for a LONG time. I don’t remember anything about it.

  5. Drama says:

    dduuudee. Your so Lucky. I wish I got to see an F-14 :(. They never flew over here for air shows or anything. RIP to my favorite jet.

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