Couple models I just finished

I finished the Super Hornet and Growler. Pretty fun, but difficult because of the small size. I’m pretty happy with them. Maybe I’ll start looking into advanced modeling techniques… maybe.

I decided not to put the landing gear on these ones. I didn’t want to deal with that stuff (after my negative experiences with my 1:48 models’ gear) so I made these “in flight” style.

HARM, JSOW, drop tank on this wing.

Drop tank, GBU-10, HARM on this wing.

And here is the Growler

VX-31 Dust Devils

HARM, AN/ALQ-99 jammer pod

Actually, I have one little piece to attach on each model, but they are pretty much done.

I’m working on a pair of F-117s right now. Maybe I’ll be done soon.

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