Sellin some gloves.

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5 Responses to Sellin some gloves.

  1. scott t says:

    i may be lacing up the skates again next season…if i do, i’ll need new gloves.

    i’ll hit you up!

  2. bhworld says:

    Oh hey Scott Toshima.

    Yes yes, just come to MY hockey shop… BH WORLD.

    I’m not sure what gloves I’ll have at the time, but feel free to ask.

    Also, if you are a right hander and need a stick, I have WAY too many.
    Just let me know, sir.

  3. scott t says:

    I’ll definitely need new sticks…I haven’t played hockey (in a league) in 4+ years.
    when I stopped playing, one-piece sticks were NEW (and waaaay too expensive).

    It’ll definitely save me the hassle of dealing with hockey giant and/or hockey monkey.

  4. Brian Harte says:

    Oh yes yes.

    BH World – No sales tax. Limited selection. Factory direct prices!

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