Pissed off.

When somebody owes a person money, they should make that a priority. What they shouldn’t do is put it off for years, make excuses everytime it’s brought up, build new drift cars, sign up for a drift series, buy tons and tons of shit… etc.

It’s not even me that is owed money and I’m PISSED.

It’s nonstop excuses over and over and over.   BULLSHIT.

Man up and pay your fucking debt.

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9 Responses to Pissed off.

  1. pinkgodzira says:

    Amen brother.
    I remember u owed me money
    and u paid up no hassle.

    man style
    not like a bitch like some people are
    fucking pussies. hate that shit

    damn u made me mad now thinking about it!!!

    • bhworld says:

      It really drives me crazy, especially the last week or two. I’m not sure where else to vent. lol.

  2. s0apgun says:

    my first guess is this is about the guy the sent jack wheels and jack never got them or something

  3. Logan says:

    Uh….so yeah about Jack and those wheels….

    That situation is taken care of already

  4. Logan says:

    But I agree

    Debt is debt

    Doesnt matter the amount

    If you are a mark ass trick then you gonna get dealt with

  5. s0apgun says:

    COOL! Glad that got worked out.

    I hate owing people money. I can’t deal with that anxiety lingering on my mind so I never make anything else a priority over money owed.

  6. nathan ong says:

    well said brian. i’ve been in similar situations and it sucks. especially if they are “friends”

  7. Kevin says:

    If they are real friends that would be priority. If they are “friends” as you imply then they don’t need to be anyone you associate with. amirite?

  8. srsbzns says:

    I’m from NY, when people owe you money its time to get out the crowbar, burlap sack, rope and cinder block and pay a visit to their house and the Hudson river

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