Ducks equipment sale today.

The Ducks are having their annual equipment sale today.

Looks like season ticket holders get in from 6-8 and regular folk can get in at 8.

sadly, I’m just a regular folk. I hope all the stuff isn’t gone by the time I get in, but I think it might be.

The stuff is supposed to be super cheap, which is cool. Also they limited 5 items per person this year. Before, it used to be unlimited, so you would get the people that buy a TON of stuff and just flip it on ebay. bummer.

Will report back tonight!

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2 Responses to Ducks equipment sale today.

  1. srsbzns says:

    get pictures of any goalie stuff they have

    • Brian Harte says:

      IF they have anything left, I will for sure. I heard an insider tell me there was no goalie stuff this year though.

      About to leave. Gotta sneak in with the rich people hopefully.

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