March ARB Air Show

This was 2 weekends ago. March Air Reserve Base had a nice airshow. We had to leave early though, as I had an early game that day.

Here is some selected photography!

F-86 was doing it’s demo as we got there.

People were strolling around the C-17.

Mmmm sweet B-52.

C-5 eating people. nom nom nom

The crest on the B-52.

I tried to buy an awesome shirt from them, but they didn’t have my size. shoot.

Oh hey, a Tomcat!

pair of F-15 Strike Eagles. The one on the left did a demo. Cool.

Couple of Super Hornets for a demo also.

Pair of T-6s flyin by.

Just about ready to go!

Couple of F-8 Bearcats, I think….

Notice the one with the skull and crossbones, the famous VF-203 Jolly Rogers.

And then here is a pair of F-22s. Didn’t get to see the demo.  😦

Then there was this sweet B-25. Heavenly Body!

hey check it out. A predator, with weapons. 

That’s about it I guess. Pretty fun day, I’d say.

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5 Responses to March ARB Air Show

  1. sosideways says:


    Enough said.

  2. N8_Drift says:

    F-8’s look more like Navy T-28’s

  3. srsbzns says:

    this reminds me. I found an entire box full of random air force badges and patches at my parents house the other night. I’ll have to post them up

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