Custom Gloves

I ordered a pair of custom gloves last Friday. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but until Friday, it was just a dream. I am hoping to have them in a few weeks. They are custom Warrior Franchise gloves. I made them just like the Tomas Kopecky gloves I had before, but I added a marian Hossa touch. I think they should be pretty darn cool. Can’t wait to get them!

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6 Responses to Custom Gloves

  1. srsbzns says:

    Uhhh OHH. Custom equipment is the devil. Once you start ordering custom or midfying your own you find you can never buy “off the shelf” stuff again

  2. So I just recently found out that Tomas Holmstrom’s wife is my father-in-law’s cousin. My grandfather-in-law showed me a pic of himself holding the Stanley Cup at a backyard BBQ at Holmstrom’s place the last time they won the cup. I heard this story and thought, “BH would enjoy this.”

    Brian Harte, bridging the gap from S-chassis to NHL since 2009.

    • bhworld says:

      Oh man, sick. Homer is so cool. I dig his style. He gets the piss beat out of him while standing in front of the net. I almost bought a Holmstrom pro stick recently, but lost out on the auction because I had a game during the ending time.

      I did enjoy this story!

  3. bhworld says:

    There is actually one more custom pair of gloves I would love to make. I doubt I will though. Too much DOUGH.

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