Canucks at Ducks. Playoff game!

We went to the game yesterday. game 4 of the Canucks / Kings series. It was CRAZY. So many Kings fans there and a crazy atmosphere. We got shit for being Vancouver fans from the moment we got out of the car, to the moment we got back to the car after the game.

It’s amusing how many people were suddenly Kings fans, so I made this sign and walked around Staples. People got pissed. lol

Everybody had white towels and they had black lights going on. Again, CRAZY!

The game they always play in warmups. Everybody tries to get the one puck in the net, I think.

Demitra’s markered out Warriors. I think he wore these in the Olympics and had to black out the logo.

Tanner Glass has a SICK mullett. So fresh.

Luongo warming up. Tons of shit talkin Kings fans behind him too.

Christian Ehrhoff has been using these Warrior Dolomites with sick custom Germany coloway leftover from the Olympics.

Crazy outside

It was great that the Canucks won. We’re back in this. Would have been better if people didn’t try to start fights with me after the game.

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9 Responses to Canucks at Ducks. Playoff game!

  1. srsbzns says:

    Wow I’m really suprised they allowed him to keep those warriors glove. There is a HUGE rule in the NHL that you are not allowed to wear equipment from a company that has not paid the $185000 advertising embargo BS they have. I know that alot of player go to other companies and get custom pads made but then they have to get an agreement with one of the big companies to “skin” that equipment in their name.

    For instance Martin Brodeur has never once wore CCM, Heaton, RBK or his current sherwood pads. They are actually all the same pad design from a small private custom equipment making company. I want to say the company is DR but im not 100% sure

    • Brian Harte says:

      Warrior is getting pretty big in the NHL. A bunch of guys use their stuff and I’m noticing more Warrior goalie stuff too.

      The thing with the olympic logo thing was weird. Helmet and Glove logos were super small, BUT sticks didn’t seem to matter. The sticks have HUGE logos on them.

  2. s0apgun says:

    haha you’re such a dick

  3. Jay says:

    That sign you made is awesome.

  4. s14rob says:

    haha that sign is what i want to show 80% of the “HAWKS FANS” in chicago right now.

  5. S. Parmar says:

    Hahaha, Kings got spanked last night in Van-City. I think game six will be a lot closer though…

    The rough stuff finally came out too, this series is finally getting good hahaha. I’d rather see Rypien and Simmonds fight though, but O’Brien did his job quite well! What a blow out…

  6. can i take that bandwagon sign to the bar when the Lakers are playing?

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