Yelle Reebok 10k

I got this broken stick recently so that I could turn it into a shaft. Real simple. No real work involved. Cut off the end and that’s it. Stephane Yelle of the Bruins (at the time).

Added a Bauer XXXX tapered blade to it. Perfect fit.

And here are my current converted sticks. Brandon Witt Dolomite, No name Dolomite, and the Yelle 10K.

I have found that I enjoy this hobby. Buying broken one piece sticks for cheap. Doing a little work to them. Coming out with a perfect shaft.

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12 Responses to Yelle Reebok 10k

  1. S. Parmar says:

    How’s the weight on the 10k? I heard they are pretty light. I’ve been wanting to drop the coin for a one95 or an x:60 but have been contemplating. I wanted to try a lower flex stick so I bought an x:40 at 77 flex since I didn’t wanna dish out for a more expensive stick only to find I don’t like it. I love the lower flex, but now I want a really light stick hahaha. Good work on the repairs too!

  2. bhworld says:

    Well, here is the thing, I have found that there are many different forms on the “pro stock 10K”. I think mine is repainted from something else, maybe a CCM U+ or U+ CL. I’m not really sure though. What I DO, know is that it’s a real one piece stick, rather than a fused stick like most “one piece” sticks are. Shoot, I’ve seen pro stock 10Ks that have fused wood blades in them. crazy.

    Anyways, for whatever it is, I like it. It’s a bit too grippy though. I don’t really like grip sticks.

  3. s0apgun says:

    hah. you said perfect shaft.

  4. s0apgun says:

    that’s what she said.

  5. S. Parmar says:

    Yea, I like clear sticks, I hate grip sticks. It just feels way too weird as you try to adjust your hands on the stick. I highly doubt I’ll be buying a 10k prostock, or prostock stick in general though ahhaa… they pretty much NEVER come in under 85 flex. And it’s weird just how many sticks are dressed in a different sticks graphics… you’d think there would be legal issues or something?

    • bhworld says:

      What I do like is Bauer’s Tactile corners on the ONE95 sticks. The full tactile on the ONE90s sucks because it flakes off really easily.

      The last Yelle 10K I got was listed as 100 flex, but I’d say it was more like 85. I have a Bauer ONE95 that is listed as 95 (my fav.) but it’s really 87 I think.

      The S19 I got is a SE16 I’m pretty sure. NOT that that’s a bad thing….

      Are you left or right handed?

      • S. Parmar says:

        I’m left handed. I like shafts that have a low flex rating. When I cut it down it is around 80 flex, which is perfect for me. I stick to tapered shafts since I don’t exactly have a bomb of a slap shot. The X:60 is probably first on my list of sticks I want, mainly because of the multiple flex kick points! (and I am a whore for Bauer lol) It’s a bit on the heavier side for top of the line sticks though..

        Hmm, it’s odd that the prostocks would be rated 100 flex but feel like regular flex O_o I played around with quite a few prostock one95’s because they were going for $150cdn, which is a steal. They were all too stiff for my liking though =(

  6. Rogan says:

    Dammit someone already made a shaft joke

    I was too late

  7. Brian Harte says:

    S. Parmar – I would like to get a X:60 also. I didn’t like my previous Vapor sticks very much, but this new one sounds interesting. Maybe I’ll pick up a pro stock one next time I see one with a nice blade on it.

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