Oh there you are.


new owner of my s13. He is doing it right.  🙂

He says new coilovers are going in soon, so excuse the temporary ride height.

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6 Responses to Oh there you are.

  1. om1kron says:

    damn… he got the blitz wheels

  2. fefem says:

    came buckets.

  3. justin says:

    wait, did you just sell this?

  4. Brian Harte says:

    Sold the car a while ago. It lives in Washington now.

  5. beto says:

    Excuse the ride height?how much better can it get?Crazy that your old car ended up here in Wash,maybe ill see it around at a NorthWestNissans meet.Looks dope on the Blitz03 wheels.

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