How to turn a Warrior Dolomite into a tapered shaft.

I found this Pro Stock Warrior Dolomite stick on ebay and figured I would buy it and see if I could make a project out of it.

This is a Brandon Witt stick, which is left handed, so it’s no good for me. I have heard that you can heat up these things and pop the blade out, so I figured I would give it a shot.

Here is my journey.

Here it is shortly after I got it. I took most of the tape off the handle. This dude tapes it CRAZY. crazy lame actually.

I got the brake cleaner out and cleaned off the paint from the connecting point. You can see where they bonded the shaft with the blade. There was some filler in there (not sure what material) so I cut a small line all the way around. I think put the heat gun on it for a couple minutes and tried to pull the blade out. No such luck. It didn’t budge.

I decided to use my razor blade and cut more of the filler out. I heated again and tried to pull it out, but no luck. HOWEVER, I noticed something bad.

The blade (instead of coming out as a whole) decided to bend and become gooey at the connecting point. Freakin wonderful. I was trying to pull the whole blade so I didn’t have to do any cutting or hammering as wel las being able to sell the blade on it’s own.  SHIT.

Decided to just cut the blade off.

Now I needed to heat this up again and chisel out the rest of the Tenon (The part of the blade that goes into the shaft).  Well, that didn’t work too well. The chisel went through the side of the shaft. DAMNIT.

I had to saw off almost 2 inches as seen here. You can see where it went through the shaft. Crap. Now the shaft is going to be way too short for me. I guess I’ll have to add an extension into it. Kind of lame, but oh well.

I was left with this after the last cut. Once again busted out the heatgun. I got the chisel again as well as a flat head screwdriver. I finally got the tenon out and tested the blade I had in there.

Now here is the end result. a Tapaered shaft made from a Pro Stock Warrior Dolomite… for a FRACTION of the price.

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