Canucks at Ducks.

So, for MY birthday, we went to the Canucks at Ducks. 2 games in a row. NICE.

This was better because the ‘Nucks actually won.  🙂

Our warm up seats. NICE. We ended up standing right next to the same people we stood next to the night before. The cool thing is that Mary ended up getting 2 pucks. One was a typical practice puck (From Ryan Kesler. thanks!) and one was an official Canucks game puck from somebody else. Cool!

Daniel Sedin showed up to play this game. He missed the night before with some problem. I was checking out the rack with the player sticks and I found it funny that the twins use EXACTLY the same stick. Same specs, same everything. In fact, they only put Sedin on the namebar, so I assume they don’t need specific ones. lol

It was decided that Raycroft would play since Luongo totally BLEW it the night before.

I’ve noticed many teams play this game towards the end of warm ups. They put one puck out and it seems like they all try and shoot it in the net. When somebody finally makes it, they all break off real fast and skate around or head to the locker room.

We sat way up here. Cheap seats with beer and hot dog. Nice.

The pucks. Thanks again, Kesler.

Well, I’m pretty sure that’s the last game I’ll go to this season. Playoffs are right around the corner. Not sure if the LA teams are even going to make it.

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6 Responses to Canucks at Ducks.

  1. S. Parmar says:

    Nice, Canucks fan. Raycroft played because it was back to back games that the Canucks were playing… it was decided he’d play before Lu shit the bed vs. the Kings hahaha.

    And the Kings have a playoff spot clinched, so one of your LA based teams will be in the post season!

    • Brian Harte says:

      OH, I didn’t know that. Poor Luo. That Kings game was terrible.

      Maybe maybe maybe I’ll go to a game. I don’t know. My brother and I went to one of the Wings/Ducks game last year.

      Ah S.Parmer. Wish you posted more. I get cricket noises when I post hockey stuff. haha.

  2. Flybert says:

    I went to the kings/ducks game at the staple center this weekend. Shit sucked.

    • bhworld says:

      Hey Flybert, cool. Where did you sit?

      Yes it did suck!

      • Flybert says:

        We actually sat in a suite. Theresa’s cousin works for a big accounting firm that owns it. It was super nice. Too bad the kings lost game 1. They play to night and will come back.

  3. bhworld says:

    awesome. I watched a Kings / Penguins game from the Boeins suite. Center ice suite. SUPER nice… like a hotel room.

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