Glove Collection

My glove collection in it’s current state.

Small but great, I think.

kevin Bieksa XXXXs

valteri Filppula XXXXs

tomas Kopecky Franchises

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5 Responses to Glove Collection

  1. realmz1 says:

    now you need to find sidney crosby’s glove and stick!

  2. Brian Harte says:

    Haha, man… Crosby….

    I bought a Reebok Crosby blade recently to use in this shaft I got. man it sucks. I hate it. Now it sits around. Wasted my money.

  3. S. Parmar says:

    Crosbys old blade pattern is real flat, I don’t know how he scored with it haha. He recently switched blade patterns to more of a curved one, and is tearing it up in the goals dept. this year haha..

    BTW, if you have a heat gun, you can curve the blade and open up the face to your liking. You have to make sure you heat it evenly, and don’t over heat it. Personally I like the Datsyuk curve, but I open up the face, and adjust the angle a little bit. I plan on switching to a Backstrom blade pattern real soon.

    Nice collection of gloves btw!

  4. bhworld says:

    Yeah I guess this season Crosby had the whole big deal about switching to a true One Piece Stick.

    Have you heated composite blades and curved them? I figure wood is pretty easy, but I never really tried. I have a Datsyuk pattern on my “mess around in the warehouse” stick. Pretty nice I guess. has a good hook on it. Personally I love the simple PM9 bauer blade.

  5. S. Parmar says:

    Yea, I’ve heated and curved my composite blades. The Datsyuk curve is kind of a closed face, and I didn’t like that so I opened up the face. The trick is just not to overheat the blade, otherwise you have a chance of warping the outter “aesthetic” material covering the stick haha.

    Yea it’s been a toss up for me between getting a Malkin curve next or a Backstrom…

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