I’ve been wanting a PS3 for a while now, but I’ve held off until now. I figured, since the drift car is gone, I think I can justify the PS3 now. lol.

Well, son of a bitch, not a single store in the area has a freaking PS3 in stock. I went to 10 different stores today. No luck at all.  Damnit!

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21 Responses to PS3

  1. s0apgun says:

    hey man just in time for final fantasy xiii

    haha i’m gonna dust mine off for that

    we can be ps3 friends

  2. om1kron says:

    wtf, what is it with these stores, the best buy I walked into had tons.

  3. bhworld says:


    Well, bestbuy online is sold out. gamestop online is sold out.

    I tried 2 different Best buys in the area. sold out.
    I tried two different targets. sold out.
    I tried wal mart. sold out.
    I tried 5 game stops. sold out.
    I tried 1 kmart. sold out.

  4. Damon says:

    Wow, that’s crazy! I didn’t know they were in such demand.

    SolaraOnBronze, add me when you get one. lol.

  5. bhworld says:

    I will have 3 games I think.

    NHL 10
    Heroes over Europe
    Il 2 Sturmovik

    Airplane games and hockey games. That’s ALL I want.

  6. s0apgun says:


  7. deadpirate says:

    thats what you get for selling the s13

  8. bhworld says:

    more like….. PS3: that’s what I TRIED to get for selling my S13.

  9. Flapjack says:

    You might want to hold off anyways, Playstation Network crapped itself and most consoles aren’t working online, older ones aren’t even working offline.

  10. Dousan says:

    I love my cod (duh) and resident evil 5
    I also downlaod shit and demos for free
    I love my ps3
    I only buy blurays these days too
    make sure you get a gangster tv buddy!!

  11. Brian Harte says:

    I got a nice TV. have the nice HDMI cable (although my brother is using it for his right now).
    Now I just need the damn system. Stores are supposed to get a reload of them on Wednesday.
    Maybe I’ll go get one on Wednesday.

  12. Olly says:

    Blueray & PC connectivity is awesome especially if you have Wifi man!

  13. Dousan says:

    order hdmi cables on amazon or eBay
    dint buy at store
    huge markup rip off!!

  14. bhworld says:

    I already have my cable and it was under $10.

    I just found out that harbor Freight sells HDMI cables too. pretty darn cheap.

  15. Nathan ong says:

    Modern warfare II!

  16. Dousan says:

    your an idiot

    that game rules
    even my wife loves playing it

  17. kOOpA says:

    i’m gonna have to agree with the chocobo tandem idea.

  18. s0apgun says:

    Fabula Nova Crystallis

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