Some airplane photos

Stopped by the pair of air parks outside of Plant42 in Palmdale.

Older model B-52. Tail section with cannons. I think I read somewhere that the entire rear gunner section could jettison away if needed.

Chris under one of the engines.

VF-31 Tomcat. This is one of the two birs from Tomcat Sunset I think.

US Navy’s last Fighter. 1970-2006

F-104 Starfighter

F-117 Stealth Fighter rear view. Knocked the shit out of Iraq on the first night of Desert Storm.

Front shot. There is not a signle curved surface on this bird.

If you would like to read more about this plane, please read the SKUNK WORKS book.

The butt end of a U-2. These things are still in service. Cool!

A-12. Early prototype for the SR-71 Blackbird

SR-71 right next to the A-12

I would lov eto see one of these fly!

Ah, good ol’ Skunk Works.

There are some great stories by the blackbird pilots in the Skunk Works books. They would talk about flying over the USSR and seeing Soviet planes scramble after them, but fail miserably.

U-2. Much cooler than the band with the same name.

Very skinny! It needs little wheels on the wings to keep it from tipping over.

D-12 Drone. These were dropped at altitude to take spy photos over USSR I believe. None of them worked properly though.

and finally, a windtunnel model of the SR-71

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3 Responses to Some airplane photos

  1. sosideways says:

    The F-14s were, and still is, my absolute most favoritest fighter jet.

    Not only because of Top Gun.

    Ok maybe it was because of Top Gun when I was little, and then it carried over…

    I don’t know, they just look so damn cool… proportions are perfect, and the lines on that plane is just awesome.

    Nothing else look as aggressive or intimidating as the F-14s.

  2. mattyboi says:

    Have you got a link to the skunk works book?

    I live in the UK, right next to a base called RAF Alconbury where U2’s used to fly from. The airfeild is a big industrial park now and i worked on there so went and had a look around all the old bomb prof U2 hangers. There is also a Nuke bunker on the base, called the “magic mountain”.

    Check it out on google!!

  3. bhworld says:

    here is the book

    Cool story!!! I will find it on Google Earth and browse around!

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