Bauer Vapor X:60 PRO

This is the new glove from Bauer that isn’t on the market yet. I think it’s supposed to be released in the spring sometime. Pretty nice feel, but I don’t like the looks very much. This specific colorway is too wild for me, anyways.

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4 Responses to Bauer Vapor X:60 PRO

  1. S. Parmar says:

    Just from the looks of it, seems as if a 4-roll would still be more comfortable lol… I wish I had bought a pair of 4-roll, but I’m pretty happy with my one95’s thus far haha

  2. Brian Harte says:

    I have been kicking around the idea of getting a pair of 4 rolls, but I’m not sure yet.

  3. S. Parmar says:

    4 rolls are fairly cheap out in the States! I’m jealous at just how much cheaper gear is out there haha…

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