Exterior randoms.

little rock chip.

Bumper / fender mess up because cone hit during drift.

rock chips on sideskirt piece.

corner of hood messed up from rubbing fender. No longer rubs.

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5 Responses to Exterior randoms.

  1. Amanda says:

    The car looks so rad! I hate u… but I like ur girlfriend! 😛

  2. Brian Harte says:

    I like her too.
    small world.


  3. Damon says:

    Love it… GLWS, Mr. BH.

  4. Jay says:

    ya know, i’m almost kinda mad that this wasn’t done and for sale a year ago when i was buying my kouki. Totally would’ve bought this instead. Glad you’re parting it out though. I hate to see this go to some goobscoober. GLWS broseph!

  5. Aaron says:

    Any plans for different car? Would be a shame if you got out of it.

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