new header

with mid-drift “chaCHING” hand movement.

get it?

look at my hand with green glove.


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10 Responses to new header

  1. codysarem says:

    your hand is like “pay up, sucker.”

  2. s0apgun says:

    anal fisting motion

  3. srsbzns says:

    Fist pumpin with the best of them.

    Are you going to send in a applicaiton for “Jersey Shore” season 2?

  4. Brian Harte says:

    Oh hell no.
    I’ve seen a little bit of that show. I think I would need to up my usage of the word HONESTLY.

  5. Heather says:

    Looks like you are just doing a “Burn out”……WHERE IS THE COUNTER STEER? or It’s a burn out with understeer?

  6. bhworld says:

    there is some, but not a bunch at that specific second.

  7. Flapjack says:

    Burn outs with understeer are the new four-month-jam, sorta like jerkin’

  8. Flapjack says:

    four month old.

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