Red Wings vs. Ducks

Mary, Chris, and I went to the Red Wings game last night at the Pond.

Well, they lost. They lost BAD. Really bad game by them. Crap passes, crap shots, crap playing 100%. Oh well.

I think the best part was at the very end when Bobby Ryan of the Ducks was messing with Lebda, trying to instigate a fight. Lebda didn’t want anything to do with it and Bertuzzi saw him and circled back, but nothing happened. Then Ryan started messing with Lebda again and Bertuzzi was done with it and went after Ryan. What a jackass, this little kid thought he could take on Bertuzzi. LOL.

Warm Ups.

We’ll be back in February for the rematch and hopefully make it to the Kings game too.

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4 Responses to Red Wings vs. Ducks

  1. sosideways says:

    My wife and I went to the Red Wings vs Blue Jackets game back on 12/28th couple of weeks ago, with her cousin and his wife and a bunch of their friends, and they lost 0-1 to the Blue Jackets.

    Heard the Red Wings kinda suck this season?

    In any case, it was a good game, lots of good saves by the Blue Jackets’ goalie.

    Hockey games are fun to watch live!

  2. bhworld says:

    Oh a home game too???? Cool.

    The Wings are not doing too well this season. Right now they have a bunch (5 I think) GOOD guys out on injury. I hope their playing picks up once they all get healthy!!

  3. s0apgun says:

    girlfriend got me tickets to hawks vs red wings

  4. bhworld says:

    very nice.
    Make sure for photos.
    Ok, go

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