Famous S14

My S14 has made the Speedhunters list of “Famous S14s”



Check it out if you want!

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6 Responses to Famous S14

  1. Freddy says:

    BH-Famous for Nissans..Congrats!

  2. Brian Harte says:

    Thank you.
    I’d LOVE to build a S15 one day.
    That would be sweet.

  3. s14rob says:

    mr. harte can i have your autograph?

  4. Brian Harte says:

    Yes, send me $15 in an envelope please.


  5. jay says:

    your s14 was and always will be sweet, but some of the cars on that list were absolutely heinous. How can that dude have taste and not have taste at the same time?

  6. Logan says:

    A lot of the user submitted S13’s and S14’s should be ashamed of themselves

    Have pride in your cars

    No excuses these days to not have a clean 240sx

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