My VHS collection.

of Drift.

Only 4.


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6 Responses to My VHS collection.

  1. sosideways says:

    Right now I have Option 75, 76 and 80 I think, sitting out.

    I know I re-bought the Option2 Silvia/180sx Super Tuning video years ago, when my original went missing (bought that one back in like, 2000 or something).

    I think I have at least another Option VHS here somewhere, but after moving like 4 times things tend to hide out on you.

  2. revgasm_josh says:

    i think i need to take a snap of mine

  3. Only 4, so sad now that I can see them ahaha

    I’ll send you more DVD copies homie!


  4. s0apgun says:

    send them to me homie

    i upload with the quickness

  5. dukeofny says:

    copy them to your computer before the vcr eats them or the tape melts

  6. kmakzi says:

    burn some and send the over to nz, i need em

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