Here is an X-Ray of my mouth before they pulled my teeth.

1. On the right side of the picture, the wisdom tooth on the bottom is the broken one. You can see that the top back half of it is a shadow. That’s the part that was gone.

2. The funny part about my mouth is that tooth right in frront of my molars. See it? The real little one on the bottom. Those teeth in my mouth never fell out. They are baby teeth and I never had an adult one grow in. Weird.

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6 Responses to Teeth

  1. sileightymania says:

    this means that you are still part baby.

  2. Brian Harte says:

    I’m not YOUR baby.

  3. nathan says:

    u are weird brian

  4. sileightymania says:

    what is that extra long tooth in the center of your mouth?


  5. Rogan says:

    Anti teeth abortion

  6. bhworld says:

    I don’t what that is in the middle.

    I had to bite down on something with my front teeth as the X-ray machine passed around me.

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