Pullin’ Teeth

Pretty sure that’s a Green Day song off of Dookie. (I’d have to go find my Dookie cassette tape. lol)

Got my 4 wisdom teeth extracted today. They never really caused me pain, but they were all starting to ROT and one of them broke apart a couple weeks ago, so I figured it was probably best to yank ’em.

So, this morning I went over and told them they damn well better put me to sleep. That was fun, The guy had to stab me 4 times before the IV worked properly. I guess he kept missing. It’s always interesting when you’re laying there, you feel the needle, then you hear, “uh oh, let’s try that again.)

Anyways, just relaxing now… hope it heals soon.

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7 Responses to Pullin’ Teeth

  1. om1kron says:

    man I’ll be in the same boat in another year or two.

  2. sosideways says:

    Damn that sucks.

    The doc took my remaining two (on the bottom) out a few years ago, and I was literally in and out of the office within 20 minutes. 10 minutes of sitting in the lobby waiting, and 10 minutes of actual dentistry work.

    It was amazing.

  3. bhworld says:

    Have fun Wayne. I’d say, make sure they put you to sleep. I don’t think I would be excited if I was awake for the operation. Not really into seeing bloody teeth being pulled out of my mouth.

  4. bhworld says:

    I think mine took an hour pretty much. aint no thing… well, besides almost falling off the operating chair when I tried to get up. lol

  5. Dylan says:

    Thats good that they put you to sleep, the place I went to last year used laughing gas and it made me trip out all bad and was not fun. Though I also hate needles and IV’s are no fun either. I’m basically a huge pussy.

  6. sosideways says:

    I was awake for it. They numbed my mouth first with that gel crap, then they stuck a couple of huge needles on the roof of my mouth or something, then after a couple of minutes, they came back and did the deed.

    I felt the pressure and heard the sounds, and although they’re not exactly gruesome, I can definitely see some people not being able to take that stuff.

    But yeah, other than uncontrollably drooling everywhere for the next few hours, I don’t think I ever felt the pain, since I got on some like double dosage of Advil right after, and that’s all I needed… no crazy pain killers.

  7. Rogan says:

    I was also awake for it

    I think I got my taken out in HS

    I felt the pressure and heard the sounds like sosideways but really I don’t remember it being all that bad

    I was MAD sweaty though afterwards….cause of the lights and sitting through the process in the vinyl chair for a while

    I dont remember being the healing process painful either…the only thing I hated was that stupid syringe thing that you are supposed to use with water to clean out the tooth hole after you eat during the healing process

    It just made me paranoid I was gonna open up the gum that was healing and hurt or something….but it didnt

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