Let’s look at this relic.

Look at that blue. POW!!! Mike garrett photo before Speedhunters. sweet.

SO LOW. The kit was brand new here. All Star Bash.

Sweet photo. Twin drift with Henry. I think this was probably right after I hit the barriers. The crunch looks pretty deep so it must have been before Tony Angelo hopped in the trunk to kick it out.

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9 Responses to Let’s look at this relic.

  1. Jase says:

    Looks awesome. Going Blue soon BH?

  2. bejota180sx says:

    still one of my fav s14s…

  3. Xa says:

    BH was feelin’ mighty blue.
    It’s a shame what drift can do.
    For no reason here’s Apu.
    Those were the days.

  4. Toxic Images says:

    Ah i miss it so much……………….fun times with ride along at HTM and watching caddy Shack while in a multiple car tandem ha ha

  5. Peter of A. says:

    Best S14 ever ! I miss it 😦

  6. nathan ong says:

    i can’t even see the pictures at work, but i know the heat u just posted!!!!

  7. Roy says:

    Love this car! still my all time favorite.

  8. papa'ing says:

    full of awesome

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