Now with TE37





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14 Responses to Now with TE37

  1. Logan says:

    Temporary you could use some high temp RTV on the oil drain plug washer

    That might help

  2. s0apgun says:

    put a condom over it

  3. bhworld says:

    I’m due for an oil change, so I’ll probably just get a new washer or something… or just do nothing. or you use that thread tape on the drain bolt…. or do nothing..

  4. flapjack says:

    ung ung ungh ungh

  5. Jase says:

    Thread Tape could work, or order a new item from Nissan or go to a Nut and Bolt store, or do nothing.

  6. Edgar says:

    Wait till next oil change and install the Nissan crush washer that should be in there. They’re only a couple of cents each.

  7. Austin says:


    Its so HAWTTTTTT

  8. Zach says:

    Now with win!

    Brian – hit me up at , I have a proposition I’d like to run past you !

  9. nathan says:

    wheels look da bomb!

  10. Olly says:

    Engine maintenance is soooo overrated..

  11. Damon says:

    I love it, perfection!

  12. greeeee says:

    nice rotas

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