Tires for sale

I have an almost new pair of Federal 225/40-18s for sale. THis tire is too big for me and my little boy engine.

Looking to sell them. $100 for the pair.

They probably have 90% tread left. Very nice.

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6 Responses to Tires for sale

  1. nathan says:

    i really wish i was local, because i need a pair of feddy’s for the rear.

  2. srsbzns says:

    Just local? Willing to ship to me in NY BH?

  3. srsbzns says:

    I pay the shipping ofcourse

  4. BH World says:

    I’m sure I could ship. It’s as easy as taping a label on there huh?

  5. Melvin says:


    How much to ship to chicago?! I need them for my car!!!

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