Drifting after 4 months

Today I went out to Willow Springs for the Just Drift / CHP toy drive drift event. It’s been 4 months since ASB, which was the last time I drifted, so it was nice to slide again.

It was a rough day for a while. I kept getting massive understeer for a while and then kept getting front tire rubbage on the wheel well, which would lock the steering wheel and/or rip it out of my hands. What a pain in the ass. After talking with Dousan and Flybert, we decided to bump up the dampers in front. (They had been at full soft before this)

It started to feel much better after that, so I think I’ll be fine as long as I don’t leave the front dampers soft. I tried to burn off the 215/45s on the 17″ TEs, but they still have a another event’s worth of meat on them. lol. KA makes for cheap tire costs. lol.


anyways….  good event. had fun. Hope the kids enjoy the toys.



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3 Responses to Drifting after 4 months

  1. Tony says:

    Tankstation pics….the best!
    You should drift more too..haha.

  2. bhworld says:

    Yeah I should. I agree.

  3. Flybert says:

    Yeah man, I run full stiff on my front dampers and it seems to work pretty good. When my car was a little lower and primered gray, I let Hampshaaa drive it at an ASB and he complained that the front wheels were bottoming out in the wheel wells so I raised it slightly as well. You have 215/40’s though so you can get away with a lower ride height.

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