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11 Responses to HID

  1. S133P3R says:

    did you have to pull the wires from the USDM pop up switch to hook up the pivot control box? i know you can cut the brown wire behind the USDM light control button and this will work.
    just snip and flip.

  2. bhworld says:

    Mmmm, I think I had to splice in a wire somewhere off the switch.

  3. S133P3R says:

    brown wire write up is on nico if you still have the button. all about the brown wire -oh and a fuse. yeah read the write up.

  4. dousan says:

    sleepy eyes with hid rules
    yeah. it does
    bang pussy fuck bitches cream pies and babies.

  5. bhworld says:

    haha, what in the world.

  6. Jase says:

    Do want to do this Mod of cutting the Brown wire.

  7. s0apgun says:


    it is totally possible to fix that stupid bumper sag with a couple zip ties

    seriously i fucked with mine just for YOU and figured it out ill get you a picture or something

  8. s0apgun says:

    oh and that shit looks sweet

    get me a bh wolrd hid kit

  9. bhworld says:

    I tried using zipties to help rig it up better, but it didn’t work.
    maybe I’ll set up a “tech day” for people to come over and do all the work for me.

  10. om1kron says:

    haha that shit is buckwild, reminds me of wraith with all of the lights showing up everywhere.

  11. J-Phantom says:

    LOOKS FUDGIN FIRE!!! lol you bh could you email me i wanted to ask you a question on the gtr vents in your bumper. it seems you did the measure ments n stuff i wanted to see if you could opass me those measure ments n what you lined up etcthanks bro. Bxjsilvias14@aim.com

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