Nerd Alert



Yeah, see that spot in the center of the photo?

Know what that is?


The International Space Station.

I took the photo with my camera phone, which is amazing.

Occassionally you can see all sorts of satellites and crap going across the sky. Sometimes you can see REALLY bright ones. Tonight was the International Space Station. It was REALLY REALLY bright. I watched it travel from the south to the north traveling at just about 17,500 MILES PER HOUR.


yeah…. told you. NERD ALERT.


But anyways, if you happen to be in Southern California and want to watch it go over, you can see it again on MONDAY. head out side around 5:08 or so and stare at the sky. You most likely WILL see it unless you’re blind. It will still be a bit light outside, so it in theory wont be as bright as tonight, but you should still see it.


It looks like the brightest star you can imagine traveling swiftly across the sky.


So, take a look if you want! It’s usually a long time between seeing it like this. Usually months and months.


I saw it a while ago during the last Shuttle mission. What was really cool was the fact that the shuttle JUST disconnected from the Space Station, so you could see the shuttle right behind the ISS.


I think there is a shuttle mission later this month, so MAYBE you will be able to see it. Not sure though.




Long post. NON car related.


But if you enjoy, cool.



Let me know if you see it!!!!

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16 Responses to Nerd Alert

  1. kuruptR says:

    you wrote lots, I like the passion. keep it up.

  2. matt says:

    space is so interesting it makes my brain ache, lets have some more!

    Did you just spy it by accident or did you know it was gonna be visible? I wonder when its visible over england?

  3. BH World says:

    Well, there is a website called HEAVENS ABOVE. search for it in google and it should come up. In that website you can punch in your location and it will tell you ALL the satellites and crap that are in orbit. It will also tell you which ones you can see, at what time, how bright, etc.

    It takes a little while to figure it out, but makes perfect sense.

  4. Rogan says:

    How come the space station lights up?

  5. BH World says:

    It doesn’t light up with lights. It “lights” up just like the moon. The sun reflects off of it. The ISS (international Space Station) has huge solar arrays that capture the sun’s rays.

  6. S133P3R says:

    uhh, is this 508am or PM?
    bout to go look for this thing.

  7. BH World says:

    This evening, about 20 minutes from now.


    that is the website, by the way.

  8. S133P3R says:

    Ive used a site called j-sat or something and it shows all satelites and a bunch of other stuff like planets too. thanks for the tip! goin out now….

  9. bhworld says:

    at 5:07 it should be right up above.

  10. bhworld says:

    I saw it. It seemed to be going more NorthEast direction.

  11. S133P3R says:

    how long did it take to move across the sky? what i saw was out of sight in less than 15 minutes and Im pretty sure it wasnt a plane.

  12. BH World says:

    Well 5:04 – 5:10 was the total time window for visibility.
    But your best bet was probably between 5:05 – 5:09.
    At that time, it was still a bit light out, so you couldn’t see many stars at all. I only saw ONE star in the sky actually (and it was a pretty bright one), and the ISS was brighter than that. It goes by pretty fast actually.
    The best way I could describe it is to go and find the BRIGHTEST star in the sky, check that thing out because the ISS is going to be just as bright if not brighter. It travels steadily in a straight line across the sky.
    I guess it MIGHT be mistaken for a plane, but it doesn’t have any blinking lights or anything on it.

    Long paragraph.

  13. S133P3R says:

    wasnt that jupiter? the “star” seemed to bright during twiglight to be a star, ISS was brighter than the “star” but i didnt see any stars till closer to 6.

    anyways, thanks for the heads up! post any info on sighting the shuttle and the ISS too, curious what that looks like.

  14. BH World says:

    Oh, I don’t know. WAS it Jupiter? I had no idea.

    I should check out the shuttle info. They launch soon I think. I wonder if it hooks up with the ISS. I wonder if we will get to see it pass over.

    Anyways, the last shuttle mission was cool. It passed right over us right after disconnecting from the ISS, so there were TWO bright ass things hauling ass over the sky, one right after the other. Cool city.

  15. S133P3R says:

    straight off the top of heavens-above:
    “Shuttle Missions
    Next Shuttle mission will be STS-129 to the ISS, currently targeted
    to launch on Nov. 16th.”

    i think ill hit up my grandfather and go check it out thru his telescope. hes a big nerd too, worked for most of the aero-space companies over the years always loves this stuff.

    felt like that guy in “october sky” looking at sputnik… except the whole cold-war chill in the air.

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