gabe’s sweet new 180.

So cool!

From Florida. Check the COLOR on it!

Gabe o1

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10 Responses to gabe’s sweet new 180.

  1. Wow!

    SUPER nice paint!!!

    – Daren

  2. BH World says:

    I am sending you an envelope tomorrow.

  3. Olly says:

    I don’t understand this photo. Paint looks like it’s doing stuff it shouldn’t… Rad.

  4. revgasm_josh says:

    that car is so close to being awesome, i hate to sound like a idiot, but please please please slam that shit!!!!!

  5. frank says:

    looks nice, but i bet its bone stock under the hood

  6. S.Parmar says:

    Is the paint carbon black, from the M3?!

  7. Jase says:

    Wheel Specs? Looks good 🙂

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