Funemployment Thursday

Yesterday I went to pick up a ton more BH WORLD stickers.


(note: buy them)



So anyways, I picked up the stickers in Santa Fe Springs and then thought,

Hey, MOON is in Santa Fe Springs too, I’ll try to find it. So, I drove right down the street one or two lights, and SURPRISE, there it was.


So I stopped by and picked up a couple small things.



Then I drove down the street and remembered that there was an old McDonalds somewhere in the area. Sure enough, I found it. THE oldest operational McDonalds still standing.



Here it is. I ordered some food, in order to feel cool.


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3 Responses to Funemployment Thursday

  1. Roy says:

    wow sweet. what colors of bh world stickers are now available?

  2. srsbzns says:

    WAS the old Mcdonalds food any different or was it just like a regualr mcdonalds that hasn’t even had its exterior updated?

  3. bhworld says:

    Same food pretty much.
    Neat exterior

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