Edward’s AFB air show


Super cool, let me tell you!

However, it DID take 3 hours to get from the 14 offramp to the actual parking spot in the base. jeeeeeeez.

Cool show. Cooler stuff than Miramar for sure.


Here are a couple photos.


A-10. They had one flying too. Pretty quiet plane but WEIRD flight characteristics.



Sentimental Journey B-17 Flying Fortress. Got to see this badboy fly also!



B-52. Yes, They did fly one of these also! You can see it coming from MILES away.




Skunk Works. SR-71 Blackbird. Such a cool plane.




This is the special 747 that brings the Space Shuttle back to Florida. In the background you can see a C-17 taking off with it’s SUPER steep angle.



B-1B. Man, this is a sweet bomber. They flew one of these too with the B-52 and the B-2 stealth bomber. Cool.



F-22. Such a neat plane. Youtube it and check out Thrust Vectoring.




They had a lot of cool crap in this hanger. There was a B-1, F22, F-35, the unmanned B-2ish looking thing, and a few other unmanned planes in here like the Predator and the Global Hawk.




F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. This is really cool too. Youtube it.



and finally


The White Knight. Check out White Knight, SpaceShipOne, Richard Branson, etc.

Private Space Travel.




I have a bunch more photos. If you want me to post more, let me know…

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20 Responses to Edward’s AFB air show

  1. Teddy says:

    My dad went to this yesterday and said it was absolutely amazing. More pics please!

  2. om1kron says:

    The A-10 is actually loud as fuck… very fast plane for something turbine powered. It’s actually funny that the chain gun that’s normally in the nose has to be fired in burst because it’s recoil will actually slow the plane down during flight causing it to possibly stall.

    • Paul says:

      When stationed in the Philipines as an Air Traffic Controller, during our COPE THUNDER exercise, if the A-10 was participating in the North Stereo Recovery, we as a rule would break them out if other aircraft were inbound. The A-10 is a particularlly slow aircraft when trying to keep up with faster jet aircraft. Many times they would be the last to come in if everyone decided to return to base at about the same time.

  3. SpudmanWP says:

    Damn… I live in Riverside and missed my chance to see AA-1… I thought it was going to be the same mockup they had last time 😦

  4. bhworld says:

    Ok Omikrommmmmm, when I was standing right there watching it fly, it was fairly quiet. The F-16 was MUCH louder.

  5. Dom says:

    yay, skunkworks.

    any 14s or 18s?

    • bhworld says:

      Ah there we go, DOM is here.

      No 14s. I have to check and see if there are any other air shows here anytime in the near future. Maybe one of them would have a 14.
      There was ONE F-18, but it was a special NASA one. I believe they call it F-18 HARV. Seems like they used it to experiment with the idea of Thrust Vectoring.

  6. matt says:

    awesome, i love airshows. Any F-15’s there? I’ve loved them since I was old enough to tell planes apart!

  7. Toxic Images says:

    Ha ha yep most of the plains that were there are test ones. Edwards it a air test base. The SR71 is the one from the base museum. It just got out a restoration a couple day before the show. And yes Miramar does have a lot more stuff. Cause the base could barely afford this one its be 4 years i think since we had one. Usually it a 2 day event but that got cut back and there usually is always a flight team Blue Angels or Thunder Birds. But hey what can you do. And nice pics Brian……..

    • bhworld says:

      Ah Paul nice. I bet your everyday life is an airshow. haha.

      People should read up on all the crap that has happened and currently happens at Edwards. I think it’s pretty darn neat actually. So much cool stuff is built there in palmdale and flown right over to Edwards.

      I THOUGHT the Blackbird looked WAY too glossy. lol. Now I know why. I like Edwards more than Miramar for the most part. Miramar doesn’t have that much as far as flying demos. They DID have a lot more Hornets, but they weren’t even the Super Hornets.

      I think the last Edwards show was 2006 or something. No wonder so many people went this year. haha. Took longer to drive down Rosamond to get into the base than it did to drive from Long Beach to Rosamond.

      Anyways, it’s crazy how big the base is. Just being on it in real life makes it seem huge, but then you can check it out on Google Earth and see that it was WAYYYYYY bigger than the eye can even see.
      I’m considering going to the Nellis AFB show that happens mid-next month. That should have some good stuff too.

  8. Matej says:

    Did you stealthily apply BH World stickers to any airplanes?

  9. Toxic Images says:

    Ha ha yep most day a air show lol. wok u this morning to a C-17 doing a low level pass ha ha.

    • bhworld says:

      I’m right next to Long beach airport so C-17s are ALWAYS here.
      However, I’ve never seen one do it’s super steep take off and the crazy banked turns. insane!!!

  10. realmz1 says:

    DOPE POST!!! I am digging it hard!

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