Some photos from my trip


Stopped in Colorado Springs on the way home. That is Pikes Peak right there (the high point).

It was 32 degrees here and I stayed for about 10 minutes.




This was a cool neon light something-or-other under the runway at O’hare.



Chicago Wolves advertisement. Cool!!  *AHL Team*




Many many thank yous to the Famous Roto Bros!



Interesting sticker selection at a Wisconsin gas station.




Most of the gang in HOOTERS, Green Bay. You can smoke in here. weird.



Ilia SO SO SO low!




Some of the gang here at USAIR.




The ROTO BROS decided to wash their cars when it was probably right under 40 degrees.  jesus….




Ilia in front of a Roto House. I really like how this photo came out.




A.Roto – never a dull moment.




UGH. I want some more of this delicious pizza from Lou Malnati’s




Bruce’s awesome RX7. man, SO cool. Really.




had some of THIS at Phil’s party. Thanks T2 for getting them!




Got some DELICIOUS sandwiches from Johnnie’s right after the ROTOS picked me up from O’Hare. man, that was so GOOD.



Right out of the airport doors into cold Chicago!



had to get a GUINNESS at this nifty place in Detroit! I picked this stop on my trip ONLY to find some Red Wings stuff. haha





Thanks to EVERYBODY for EVERYTHING. You guys are the best.


P.S. – the photos are in reverse chronological order.

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6 Responses to Some photos from my trip

  1. Roto Bros…those dudes are awesome, hella funny guys!

    I kept calling them “BORO” bros, LOL

    And Bruce / Illia shit’s like WHOA!!!

    I’m so glad that my Model5’s stayed in the family, Bruce’s FC is truly AWESOME!

    Seems like you had a blast…We gotta plan another trip out there Brian, seriously.

    – Daren

  2. Big Oots says:

    BH, thanks for coming out to the Chi. It was great to finally meet u, hope u had a blast! ASB ’10 at shawano, wudjya think? =)

  3. sileightymania says:

    hey is there some kind of set food tour out there in chi town? i ate at all of those same places lol

  4. Rogan says:

    And you say CHI CITY

    I want to be downnn

  5. suprmario1jz says:

    Daaammmmnnnnn….I wanna go again. ASB 2010!!!

  6. 3L says:

    DAMMIT!!! you guys went to johnnys!! fak, i havent been there in a minute… i know what im gettin tomorrow…

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