Some photos from my trip


























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6 Responses to Some photos from my trip

  1. Roto Bros…those dudes are awesome, hella funny guys!

    I kept calling them “BORO” bros, LOL

    And Bruce / Illia shit’s like WHOA!!!

    I’m so glad that my Model5’s stayed in the family, Bruce’s FC is truly AWESOME!

    Seems like you had a blast…We gotta plan another trip out there Brian, seriously.

    – Daren

  2. Big Oots says:

    BH, thanks for coming out to the Chi. It was great to finally meet u, hope u had a blast! ASB ’10 at shawano, wudjya think? =)

  3. sileightymania says:

    hey is there some kind of set food tour out there in chi town? i ate at all of those same places lol

  4. Rogan says:

    And you say CHI CITY

    I want to be downnn

  5. suprmario1jz says:

    Daaammmmnnnnn….I wanna go again. ASB 2010!!!

  6. 3L says:

    DAMMIT!!! you guys went to johnnys!! fak, i havent been there in a minute… i know what im gettin tomorrow…

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