Miramar airshow photos.

I wrangled up my brother today and took a long drive down to the REAL southern California to the Miramar base for the airshow that they have this weekend. I haven’t been to one of these in YEARS, so I wanted to make it to one. I have a recent reviaval of interest in planes and whatnot. Working on trying to get a job with Northrop Grumman also. Let’s HOPE.  🙂


Anyways, on with the photos!



I believe this is a Cobra. Forgive me, I’m RUSTY with my knowledge these days! Awesome gunship at any rate!



Harrier cockpit.



F/A-18 tail end.



VMFA(AW)-225 VIKINGS. low visibility



VMFA-232 Red Devils




Executive Sweet B25




Pacific Prowler B25



VMFA-232 Red Devils full color tail




VMAQ-1 Banshee EA6 Prowler. Love it. Electronic Warfare. These are being phased out for E/A-18 “Growlers”. Should be cool.




VMFA(AW)-225 Vikings full color tail.



VMFA(AW)-121 Green Nights




Great fun today. I wish there was more out there though.

Looks like the Edwards AFB show is 2 weeks from now. Checked the site and it seems like they will have a GREAT selection. Might have to go.


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8 Responses to Miramar airshow photos.

  1. Jay says:

    dude, i didn’t know you were in town for this! We coulda got a beer or something afterward. I used to go to the air show every year with my grandpa before he passed. Shit was awesome!

  2. Oh cool! Been awhile since I’ve been to an airshow as well. When my father was in the Navy he worked on the E36 Prowlers, when he was with VAQ-136.

    Brings back memories…

    Thanks Brian!

  3. Dom says:

    i love it

    • bhworld says:

      I was waiting for YOU to see this.
      It was a fun day yesterday. Not too many planes though.
      BUT, enough for me to NERD OUT FOR A WHILE.

      • Dom says:

        still really awesome to see planes in person. not like we see them everyday on the 405 or anything. haha.

  4. Teddy says:

    I wish I had known of this, I would have loved to go!

  5. Rogan says:

    I think if you are a) male and b) grew up when Top Gun was out, you loved the shit outta planes

    That Edwards AFB sounds cool but damn might as well go drift same time while out at Roserrrmond

  6. bhworld says:

    Yeah, everytime we go up the 14, it’s for ONE reason pretty much, Now, a new reason this time, I guess.

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