Tour Dates

October 9 – October 12

My USA tour dates.

See you there.

October 9 – Detroit and Chicago

October 10 – Wisconsin

October 11 – Wisconsin

October 12 – Chicago, Colorado Springs

See you there.

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7 Responses to Tour Dates

  1. FULL-LOCK CHASE says:

    damn coming to chicago?

  2. bhworld says:

    BOOKED yesterday.

  3. LongGrain says:

    wisconsin? hit me up

  4. revgasm_josh says:

    you’re SO FUCKED!!!!

  5. Leigh says:

    you have no idea what you got yourself into

  6. Oh damn.

    CHI Town!!!

    I guess you’re making it out there before our planned trip…


    – D

  7. bhworld says:

    I figured I better pull the trigger right now while I have the chance.
    It’s only a quickie and I would LOVE to travel around longer.

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