Yesterday we all went to Verizon Theatre to see Blink182 for the twins’ birthday. I had no idea until very recently that Weezer was playing too. I think I only found that out a couple days ago. hah. Nice surprise.

Weezer was pretty awesome, excpet for the Mic troubles for the first part of the set. There was a good mix of stuff from Blue, Green, and even Pinkerton, as well as a couple other songs that I didn’t really recognize. Rivers didn’t play guitar as much as I thought he would either. Odd.


Blink182 was pretty cool too. I have never had any record of theirs after Dude Ranch and I have only heard the popular songs fromn those later CDs, so there were a bunch of songs that I was clueless about. They DID play some Dude Ranch stuff though, so I enjoyed that. I’m pretty sure Tom made it a point to curse and use the F word in and between each and every song. He even made it a point to throw out a “Fuck You Barack”. Wow. That was interesting. haha.

Anyways, great show, great evening.

I wanted to get a Weezer shirt, but they only had a couple and they were $30.  YIKES. no thanks.

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5 Responses to Weezer/Blink182

  1. S133P3R says:

    what are a thundercat with sight beyond sight? how can you see anything from that far?
    -the guy who barely passed his DMV vision test

  2. BH World says:

    There were large screens also.

    You could see everything and even if somebody got in your way, you could still listen.

  3. Dom says:

    i live two exits before the verizon amp exit. was it a double headliner weezer and blink or did blink play more than weezer?

  4. bhworld says:

    It was some lame “rap” guy at first. he did a “popular”? song about “I like college…..”
    That was stupid.

    Then it was Taking back Sunday.
    That was stupid.

    Then it was WEEZER. cool. They were still an opening act, not a headliner.

    Then Blink as the headline.

  5. Leigh says:

    I’m so jealous. I love Taking back Sunday and Blink is one of my favorite bands. Yea I know…make fun of me

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