I got a bunch of stickers in today.

BH World in


-Dark Green

– Gold

– Yellow

– Teal



-Dark Pink

-Sky Blue

-Dark Blue

and I got some Red Reflective Pink Godzira too.

Let me know if you want anything.

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26 Responses to stickers

  1. Austin says:

    You got PG stickaaaz?!

    How much, im about to paypal you.

  2. BH World says:

    The PG stickers are $10 each.

  3. codysarem says:

    dibs on teal.

  4. BH World says:

    Cody – send me your address somehow.
    I have one for you.

  5. Oscar says:

    Damn I need silver and gold in my life..too bad I have no money.

  6. BklynZoo says:

    ill take a pg sticker. whats ur paypal address?

  7. s0apgun says:

    $5 BRO

    come on


  8. srsbzns says:

    I would like one of those spiffy red pink godzira stickers.

    Just paypal your $10 and my address?

  9. bhworld says:

    Damn, PG stickers sold out fast.
    I might even have to make some more.

    SRZBZNS you got the second to last one.

  10. Rogan says:

    I got all da colors already

  11. Peter of A. says:

    Too late for Pink Godzira I guess ?

  12. bhworld says:

    too late, mate.

  13. juans13 says:

    looking for PG stickers:)

  14. s0apgun says:



  15. Baby Drift says:

    so uh, when do the rest of us get our cut from the PG stickers? i mean…you know.


  16. bhworld says:

    when you guys make your own designed stickers.

  17. bhworld says:

    oh damn. rear view mirror.
    Love it.

  18. bhworld says:

    awww I sure do miss that car.

  19. Austin says:

    I miss the let me critique your car thread.

  20. smellslikecurry says:

    im not BH

  21. J-Phantom says:

    hey brian i just wanted to know what font did you use for the bh world stickers? i like it and what size are they?

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