photo, new.


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14 Responses to photo, new.

  1. denise says:

    BRIAN!! i want a BH World sticker!! ^_^

  2. dousan says:

    im stll beyond happy you arent selling your car

    and yeah ill have to buy this. perfect for taillamps!!

    rough world style!

  3. bhworld says:

    haha, it’s ALWAYS for sale.

    have you changed your mind yet and decided to go for CHASER instead of MARK 2?

  4. Dousan says:

    Never man. Never.

  5. brent-zorak says:

    stickers look good. lil bit of orange peel going on though or is it that light?

  6. bhworld says:

    where, on the wing?
    or everywhere?

    The paint didn’t come out very well on the car in general.

    Oh well.
    I want to repaint it.

  7. s0apgun says:

    forgot to focus but here’s what i did

    rear graphite (looks cooler in person)

    driver side yellow

    passenger side orange

    reeses pieces spec

  8. brent-zorak says:

    yeah, i only see it on the wing, not on the bumper or fender.

  9. azndoc says:

    It’s a drift car who cares.

    Fuck repainting

    Get an SR

  10. bhworld says:

    oh jack………………..

  11. s0apgun says:

    he doesn’t want you to steal his blueee

  12. Oscar says:

    Got mine today lol at Oscar “the grouch” on the envelope. Made my day.

    Going to throw one on the e30 and save one for the Z.

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