oh guess what

Chris and I are on a hockey team again. We just played our second game last night. It’s on a team called “low class” in the Sunday night TOP OF THE LINE adult league. Shit man, rough. We get KILLED each week it seems. Oh well though, it’s a good work out and fun.

Yesterday I scored 2 goals in a row. They were the first 2 for the team AND the first 2 in the game. Then, we got killed. lol.   I also had to check 2 of these youngins. What else am I supposed to do when they are 10x faster than me?  Screw it. I’ll just put ’em into the boards.

Good work out there.

for Teddy and Soap.

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7 Responses to oh guess what

  1. rogansan says:

    I want to watch you play hockey

    No homo

  2. BH World says:

    Sundays. Huntington Beach. 2pm or 3pm

  3. srsbzns says:

    Sounds like you need a better Goaltender

  4. scott t says:

    i hated skating against young kids.
    they’re super fast, and us old guys get pissed off.

    nothing like getting in a fight with a 16 year old, with his mom in the stands yelling at me, and my wife yelling at his mom in the stands too.

  5. bhworld says:

    Yeah, it’s fun.

    They score a million goals and then get pissed off when anything doesn’t go their way.

    wah wah. cry me a river, kids.

  6. S.Parmar says:

    Ahhh I miss hockey haha!! No time to play anymore, work just gets in the way of everything, gahhhh! Sucks that you guys lose so bad, but at least you get to play!

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